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5/23/2012 7:16:37 PM

icon Beware Of Climb First - Horrible Experience
  Hi all,
I write this post to share one of the worst experiences in my preparation of GMAT. I enrolled myself at a coaching class called Climb First, the biggest mistake ever in GMAT preparation. From notes to faculty to teaching method to class irregularities, it was a big mess up on all fronts! Climb First definitely has an aggressive and great marketing team and counselling which lured me into the deal with great ‘fake’ promises. But the institute faltered terribly at each step -

1. The first step – Mock test – I was promised that I would be asked to give a mock test and on that basis my strengths and weaknesses would be analysed so that ACCORDINGLY my coaching could be taken up. I gave the mock test but no analysis or any guidance was given whatsoever. The teaching just started randomly without the faculty even knowing my mock test score! The faculty did not even know he was to coach me for GMAT!

2. The second step – notes – Climb First do not have any GMAT notes. They only have 2 generic books which they use for all the other tests as well. These 2 books are quite confusing and have several wrong answers. Their OWN faculty asked me not to refer to these books. I was also given set of photocopies of books of other institute but the set was INCOMPLETE. When I asked for the balance books, I was told to go online and BUY the same! They would recommend me to solve problems from RS Agarwal which I realised later was so wrong coz GMAT is very different than RS Agarwal – this was one of the biggest blunders!

3. Class schedule – I paid up the advance and then kept following up for schedules and finally classes started after several follow up. Most of the times, classes would got cancelled/ class timing changed and I was not informed of the same. Many a times, the class timing given to me and the faculty is different and then I come to know that faculty is not arrived since the faculty is not informed. Also the faculty would be busy with other students or with lunch coz of the miscommunication of timing by the services team!

4. Faculty – I was promised faculty from IIT and ISB but eventually they turned out to be the ones who did not even know GMAT syllabus. Some of them were complete freshers and had no experience teaching GMAT. The faculty would not be informed of my class and they would be completely unprepared and would end up getting the answers wrong themselves. Faculty kept changing every alternate day and no one was aware how much syllabus was covered? or what was to be taught? or way ahead – everything was in a mess . By the time, I understood a faculty’s style of teaching, the faculty was changed again! I was shifted from home tuitions to Dadar to Andheri to Borivali – total chaos and disorganisation.

5. Teaching Methodology – the teachers would tell (read ‘tell’ and not even ‘explain’) the formulas and ask me to mug them up. When I would question the approach or the concept, all I would be told was that we have just follow the formulas, and forget the rationale. Teaching style - They would tell me the formulas for the first 15 mins of the class and then ask me to solve 15 random problems from RS Agarwal. That would be the end of the session! Few of the teachers literally READ out the formulas, without any explanation, from the books. I would like to share that my Reading comprehension class was taken by a faculty who did not have any idea about passage approach and got most of the answers wrong herself. When I requested for another faculty, the new faculty finished the RC class in just 15 mins! When I confirmed with the faculty if that was all? She snapped back saying that she has been teaching for years and knows better!

My concepts never got strong since I was never explained the rational or an intelligent approach. The faculty kept teaching me easy to moderate sums so my aptitude never developed for higher level problems.

6. Follow ups – throughout my time period, I kept following up for lectures/ schedule/ syllabus (got my syllabus after almost a month)/ notes/ faculty/ guidance session. By the end of it since I really dint know where to concentrate my energy (follow up or study) it ended up frustrating me so much!!

Now, I stand at a miserable score of 540 (mock test from Veritas Prep and GMAT Prep test)! There is no help or guidance whatsoever from Climb First! We, students invest time, money and energy along with trust and hopes in these institutes. Hence, I do not want other students to fall prey to these kinds of classes. I don’t want other students like me to get frustrated and demotivated like me therefore thought of sharing this experience.

Be careful and watch out!

6/9/2012 9:37:03 PM

icon Re: Beware Of Climb First - Horrible Experience
  Hi Tamanna

I am also sailing in the same boat like all of you, my hard earned money also get looted by this fraudsters.

There are so many innocents falling pray to this guys daily at their several branches, this should stop somewhere.

This fake institute is owned by mr manish vijay who has got arrested earlier by powai police station in fraud case, earlier he was running the similar institute by the name "future propel" for which some good guy made complaint against them. That guy got the refund :)

read below link

trust me guys we also need to lodge complaint against them.

All of you need to lodge complaints in police stations located in your class area preferably in powai police station.

We as a alert indian need to teach lesson to this fraudsters

9/2/2012 8:36:43 PM
Sandeep Ingle

icon Re: Beware Of Climb First - Horrible Experience
  I totally agree that climb first is a horrible class in accordance for the teaching of MPSC & UPSC. I have taken the admission before 5 months & still i have not got any service which was provided to me while taking the admission. And the worst of all is i was promised that there will be seprate classes for MPSC but it has not happened even once. I used to attend the lectures with the Banking & UPSC students. It is not only me who is facing this issue but many of my friends who are the students of climb first is facing the same. The fees structure is totally different for the same courses.

Sandeep Natha Ingle.
[Phone Numbers not allowed in post]

2/5/2013 5:19:16 PM

icon Re: Beware Of Climb First - Horrible Experience
  Climb First is the institute where the harrasment of the students is done,mentally & financially. They just know how to lure student to their class and then take money from them and in return what they give is totally absurd. One should file a case against them in court so that this institute should be banned and the owner of this institute have to pay money back with a huge interest of wasting student precious time and money

4/26/2013 3:11:47 PM

icon Re: Beware Of Climb First - Horrible Experience
  Even i was cheated by climb first borivali branch for 2000 rs.

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